Friday, May 21, 2010

Evie's show moved forward.....!!!!

Last nights exhibition was unfortunately not possible, and has been moved forward  to this Friday 28th May.
The pictures are hung, the prices and titles have been sorted  and Evie is counting down to the new Opening!!

The overall display is amazing, with a stream of admirers having an early viewing today, and some really positive and encouraging feedback.
The following is a blurb supplied for the show.............

So, Evie Cahir is completing her final year at Ballarat Grammar, where she juggles literature and various folios (painting and drawing, visial communication and design technology)
Since she was physically capable, she has drawn things that inspire her-such as headdresses, crooked teeth, lopsided haircuts, lemon meringue and Alice Munro.
Watercolours, inks, pencil, pastel and acrylic paint is used to create simple, eclectic and 'scrappy' artwork.  The works of artists such as Mel Stringer, Alex Watson, Matisse, Kat Macleod, Cibella Court and Sarah Mcneil are the usual sources of inspiration...................

Those who have helped, tutored and taught are also influential, for example - Maggi Dannet (age 9-11)
Steve Morvell (11-13) Diane Jacono (13-14) pottery classes with Dawn Whitehand and Helen Lewis and workshops with Ann James.

Awards received in the past include 'Best Junior Art Award' at Trentham art show, 'Best Young Artist' at Steve Morvell's studio...........
Evie is also currently the recipient of an Art Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar.....
Evie looks forward to illustrating, designing and scribbling for a living.....

All are most welcome to call in to see this exhibition, hope to see you there! xx

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Evie Cahir is Here.................

Tomorrow night is the Opening of an Exhibition by Evie Cahir, and I can't wait  to finish hanging this cool collection of watercolours and illustrations which uses a twist of unusual materials including brown paper bags and old handwritten recipe pages, with an ecclectic mix of framing techniques.

Its a big deal to have your work on show to the public, and it shows a maturity and a willingness to share a part of the artist's self, which is why we're so glad to be a part of  it.

We hope Evie continues with her amazing artistic ability.

...........In breaking news....  Our very first exhibition was Donna E Elmore's watercolour series back in December and now for sale at  Arthur Gallery in Mair Street.  We discovered that Donna's art is selling really well with the help of the very capable and cool Emma Barrance and her super cool assistants - Maria and Katie.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Prudence...the mailing list

Things like this happen all the time, I meet the coolest, nicest, loveliest, most appreciative people every day.

Today Emily and Shaun came to the shop to visit with their lovely mum, Steph, and to show me their passport photos, in preparation for their trip to London and Ireland to meet their GREAT-grandparents (Steph and the kids are also my neighbours), but neither of us knew we where reading each others blog until Steph popped into the shop recently and the penny dropped!!!!!!

Another sweety I met recently, called in to take a look at the current exhibiition by Kirrilee Bailey, mates  through LOMO.  Andrew is an award winning photographer, working in our lucky City and when he discovered I was a little behind with the program, and did'nt have a  proper mailing list, he set off to print out some pages for me,  and got the ball rolling. Check out his website to see his amazing images.

By adding your details to our mailing list, you will be kept up to date with latest exhibitions, happenings, and sales (we currently have 100's of outfits at $10 each!!!!) and giveaway notifications.
If you'd like to be added you can also email us at:

Hope to meet you soon!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evie's Exhibition

This Friday sees a new exhibition by a very talented and very young artist.
Evie will be kicking off her art show from 6-8pm Pieces will be on display and for sale for the next 4 weeks.....more about Evie very soon!