Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today, we took the bulk of the furniture to our new stall  at the Ballarat Mill Market. We now have 2 places to sell our wares!
Kate and Richard where a great help as always THANKS mateys.

Suzie is a little rippa, and is the number 1  assistant at the shop. Corsetry is her passion, but Suzie can turn her hand to all sorts of creative stuff-  and is booked for an exhibition later in the year, can't wait!

Tamara is our lovely hard-working alteration and repair woman, her rich Russian accent. a delight to the ears. Her new shop has opened in the Block Arcade and we are fortunate to have an amazingly talented person to refer customers to.

Another great asset to Dear Prudence is Nora, who lives and breathes vintage and retro, and is a true Irish beauty! Nora can be found on any given day at DP when she's not tracking down amazing finds for her stall at the Ballarat Mill Market or being a mum or working at her 'day job'

A new label coming our way next year is 'CASTOFF' by Lysette's mum. Lots of lovely knits and crochet bits-well worth waiting for!

We are so fortunate to have the support and friendship of these girls and boys and look forward to the year ahead!

When Miss Emma is'nt at her other job, she may well be at Dear Prudence, helping her old aunt!  Watch out for more great Vintage Cocktail Rings making their way to the store in the new year.


See you next year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Suzie and Nathaniel  from Eerie Tours have available for Christmas or any occasion really, a great idea in the form of a GIFT VOUCHER.

Available for both Cemetery and Ghost Tours, and also available as a Dinner and Tour (dinners are a choice of the famous Craigs Hotel or The Steak House) these tours are a great idea given as a Gift Voucher. Tickets are available online or through Dear Prudence.

"Haunt and Carriage Tours" commencing  in the new year,  stay tuned for updates on commencement and more details about this exciting new tour!


Donna E Elmore at the opening of her first Exhibition at Dear Prudence last week.

Winner of the Ballarat High School Art award for 2009, and shortlisted for the Toparts at The National Gallery of Victoria (down from 3000 applicants to 200, so far!)   its easy to see why
Donna's work is proving so popular.  If  shortlisted to the top 80, Donna's work will be exhibited at the NGV!
We wish her the very best and congratulate her on these current amazing achievements-Good Luck!

Exhibition and sales now on until 8th January 2010

Donna is currently working on a series of cards, available soon at Dear Prudence, we're so lucky to have such an amazingly talented young person right here in Ballarat!

Some of the paintings now hanging at Dear Prudence

Popular favourite

More great paintings

Emma amd Donna

Emma, Antoinette and Rakel
Donna's mum, Kate and Simon

Jan, Adrienne and Sandra

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kate's Family Home......and the new Magazine

Kate pointing out the shamrock tiles under the second story window of this fabulous place in Mair Street Ballarat, which was once a school, and later, in the 70's-a brothel!!!!!

This is part of the inspiration behind a new venture we're launching  in the new year, a bit of an insight into the places of people, and the history surrounding these amazing buildings, plus a whole heap of related stuff, which is being produced in the form of a cute little magazine.

More news on this exciting adventure coming your way very soon......

The Lovely Lady from Melbourne.....

I did promise to show you some more pictures, hope you like them! Thankyou for shopping at Dear Prudence and for buying the lovely 1930's yoyo blanket-what a treasure that is! xx

Random Images of Dear Prudence

Pretty Flamingoes by 'The Second Sock'

 vintage picture from 'The Second Sock'

Red Clogs

'BAREFOOT' supplied by 'The Second Sock'

Is it a cup? Is it a saucer? Yes, its a cup and saucer magnet!

Thanks, your support is appreciated!

Foxs Lane Tees for kids still available, limited stock

Universal Love

Truly beautiful stuff!

Secret favourite- Bluebell!

Polaroids galore!!!!

Waspies are a great alternative to the corset, like a belt, only much more gorgeous-from Asylum 7


Adorable, bright, fun prints are now hanging happily, we love Laura's unique style!

First Exhibition at Dear Prudence - Watercolours and Pen by Donna E Elmore

A preview of whats in store for you when you visit the works of this exceptionally talented young artist - Donna E Elmore. Exhibition runs from this Friday 11th December til Friday 8th Janurary 2010.


Laura from Pinksnowflakes has created this great range of softies, available now at Dear Prudence.  Beautiful framed prints of Laura's works are also available.


Ceci Bean has arrived,  with darlingly beautiful designed tees and summery dresses. Such a cleverly talented lady is she! And made in these here parts as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Through the Window............

 Beautiful corset made by Asylum 7's Susie.
Dear Prudence has a great new range of vintage books, a very groovy record player, tins, shoes, clothes, belts, cut out paper dolls, cannisters, teapots, mirrors, vintage pictures,  oh so many things!

The new range from Pinksnowflakes has arrived!  Beautiful softies, lovely bright prints! I'll include some pics asap!

Great baby/toddler clothing arriving today from Cecil Bean!!!!!!  GORGEOUS TEES! & the PRETTIEST
DRESSES for littlies, can't wait for the delivery.

 But whats keeping me busy at the mo is the AMAZING EXHIBITION BY DONNA E ELMORE-kicking off tomorrow night (Friday) and going through for a month, this young girl is a talented young artist who deserves a go! COME ON IN AND HAVE A LOOK! ITS GREAT!
Limited pieces for sale, so don't miss this one!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tea & Jam?

Kate and Nathan Vale of  Tea & Jam Photography  fame, take amazing photos.  A new family to Ballarat, these guys are just so talented.
Recently,  Kate and her daughters Pepper and Maya came to visit Dear Prudence.  Maya tried on a few outfits-she looked fabulous!  Pepper was content to roll around on the floor, under the watchful eye of Emma and Donna,  while mum snapped some gorgeous pics of Dear Prudence lovelyness,  plus some very nice modelling by Miss Maya.
They have been a very busy little family, as you can check out on their blog, and we're looking forward to their next visit!