Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tea & Jam?

Kate and Nathan Vale of  Tea & Jam Photography  fame, take amazing photos.  A new family to Ballarat, these guys are just so talented.
Recently,  Kate and her daughters Pepper and Maya came to visit Dear Prudence.  Maya tried on a few outfits-she looked fabulous!  Pepper was content to roll around on the floor, under the watchful eye of Emma and Donna,  while mum snapped some gorgeous pics of Dear Prudence lovelyness,  plus some very nice modelling by Miss Maya.
They have been a very busy little family, as you can check out on their blog, and we're looking forward to their next visit!


beck said...

Hey Kelly, cute photos! do you have a link to their blog? x

Kate said...

Are you saying that there is another Kate with a daughter called Pepper?

dear prudence said...

Hi Beck, how are you my love? How fun was the market?!! the blog is, I have'nt grasped the linky thing yet, I will make it my next mission!

...and Kate! I did'nt make the connection, but YES, there is another Kate and Pepper, equally as gorgeous as you two!!
I hope one day your paths will cross, maybe one day at Dear Prudence!

RoLuc said...

Lovely photos! Great website too. It's good to have children photographers in town

dear prudence said...

Actually Ro, these guys are also awesome commercial photographers!
I'm loving the ozzing talent that I get to meet everyday. Met a great couple yesterday, one of whom is a member of 'Trike' - he was blown away by Louisa Bluebells artwork!