Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanks to Kate,  at Foxs Lane, for the theme of collections.  I've decided to join in with this one, for my first go!
I've had a look at quite a few, I enjoyed Land of Meg's great Red  Collection, and was reminded of all things red that fill my house, and the amazing collection of sewing machines from Marian.
I thought about my bookcase collection (to house the book collection) and my tassle collection, dolls house collection, card collection, box collection, striped socks collection, pencil collection,  in fact I like to collect all sorts of stuff.

I've gone for a practical collection........My shopping bags.  I suppose I do collect them, and borrow them from friends and family, and I loan them out and mostly get them back.

"Most Used Shopping Bag Award" goes to this, for the sheer volume of stuff that can be fitted in, and the fact that it can be flung over the shoulder.

I don't mind a string shopping bag at all, and the green one is ideal for fruit and veg.

Some I made myself, some where made by friends, some gifts, others picked up at markets and in other towns, states and countries. (not necessarily by me!)

This is not really mine, but I do like to use it, its very sweet.

I love this shopping bag, it was made by a Ballarat girl a couple of years ago.

And thats my collection


brownhairblueribbon said...

It is hard to pick a collection isn't it! You have a great lot of bags, is that big one Krishna? If so, he was meant to be a 'model lover' - so is only suiting that he helps carry things!

Bird Bath said...

Sounds like you have several interesting collections. The bag collection is practical - I like that