Tuesday, November 24, 2009

THE RAINS ARE HERE...................

Saturday saw the puddle at our back door that  actually lifted the wire mat and moved it along a little way...!!!!! yoinks, floody floody!!!!!

Under here lies our path, it was ankle deep!!!!!!

The Elderberry tree crept in through the kitchen window, I'm sure it grew overnight after the rain...................

Sunday was a different story, when I opened the shop I was greeted with a massive puddle that had been dripping through the roof all night and that morning, nothing for it but to rip up the sogging mess, and let the slab dry out.
Painting the floor will be the next challenge, but that means no more carpets to worry about getting rained upon!

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chloeisabear said...

Hey Kelly, yes id love to come meet with you to talk about some design work :) I finish work at 1 on Thursday. I might be able to come then. I will give you my number, and if you could just message me or something so i can get yours would be great. Ill give you a little buzz to tell you when i can drop by :) Its 0431286681.
xx Bear