Monday, November 16, 2009


This morning I browsed through some old pics, and came across these. I was reminded of the phone call from the police in the middle of the night asking if  my silver shiny car was missing. "No? its parked out the front of the house! is'nt it???"

Well, no it was'nt. It had been stolen and set fire to. One of my first thoughts was, "whoever did this, had to drive it through town in the dark with the hi beam jammed on (as I'd observed the last couple of times I'd driven at night) then I was reminded of all the other oddities that was "The Silver Seca".  I had to stick my finger in the bit that once was the indicator switch if I wanted to show I was turning (it had snapped of a couple of years before) although, I'm sure whoever stole Silver obviously had no regard for law, therefore probable would'nt have used it! and the fuel opener thingy was also broken, luckily for the "robber" as the kids had described him/her, I'd filled the car with $50 of fuel that evening (and remember thinking, "I should have put $25 in, and spent $25 on bread milk and fruit for school lunches that week!")
As Brian drove me to Silvers last stand, I  recall thinking "At least its only the car, and no-one was hurt"(although in all honesty, at the time I would'nt have cared too much if the "robber" had fallen down a ditch and sprained his/her ankle quite badly, whilst making a hasty getaway, and I would'nt  be too bothered to learn that  said ankle still gives them jip every now and then, especially on really hot days, when I don't much feel like riding the bike!
"Should have, could have, would have" Baaaahhhhhh, and yes I know the insurance should have been updated, and could have been if I'd had the means to do it at the time, and I would have, (if I could have!)
...But I did'nt!
On the bright side, 2 years on,  I've become a happy cyclist, and I've since bought another car, which I lock.

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Doily said...

What a wonderfully worded post! I love hearing your voice when you write... very clever!