Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It All Started with a Jacket and a Watering-Can........

I finally began the shelf with of a selection of books for sale. From Winston Churchill, Enid Blyton and Chaucer, Robert L. Stevenson, Somerset Maughan, and a volume of Golden Hands for the crafty ones! Just to mention a few.

Last night I spent a lovely time mixing purple with orange and gold, and came up with a combination worthy of a mannequin (I have to be very choosy, as I only have the one, so far!)display.

I wonder if it will scare the customers? Maybe they'll like it as much as I do? I'll find out in half an hour when I get peddling on down to the shop......Steph will be in today Yay! Doily Girl has proven a blessed treasure, loved by everyone she meets, it does make for a fun day of "work"!!!!

Pop in if you can, we'd love to see you! call o4oo5 46522 for closing time today, its Cup Day in Ballarat, and I'm not sure what goes on in the retail business world here, but I'm opening anyway!

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