Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanks to Kate,  at Foxs Lane, for the theme of collections.  I've decided to join in with this one, for my first go!
I've had a look at quite a few, I enjoyed Land of Meg's great Red  Collection, and was reminded of all things red that fill my house, and the amazing collection of sewing machines from Marian.
I thought about my bookcase collection (to house the book collection) and my tassle collection, dolls house collection, card collection, box collection, striped socks collection, pencil collection,  in fact I like to collect all sorts of stuff.

I've gone for a practical collection........My shopping bags.  I suppose I do collect them, and borrow them from friends and family, and I loan them out and mostly get them back.

"Most Used Shopping Bag Award" goes to this, for the sheer volume of stuff that can be fitted in, and the fact that it can be flung over the shoulder.

I don't mind a string shopping bag at all, and the green one is ideal for fruit and veg.

Some I made myself, some where made by friends, some gifts, others picked up at markets and in other towns, states and countries. (not necessarily by me!)

This is not really mine, but I do like to use it, its very sweet.

I love this shopping bag, it was made by a Ballarat girl a couple of years ago.

And thats my collection

THE RAINS ARE HERE...................

Saturday saw the puddle at our back door that  actually lifted the wire mat and moved it along a little way...!!!!! yoinks, floody floody!!!!!

Under here lies our path, it was ankle deep!!!!!!

The Elderberry tree crept in through the kitchen window, I'm sure it grew overnight after the rain...................

Sunday was a different story, when I opened the shop I was greeted with a massive puddle that had been dripping through the roof all night and that morning, nothing for it but to rip up the sogging mess, and let the slab dry out.
Painting the floor will be the next challenge, but that means no more carpets to worry about getting rained upon!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Selection in the Window

Cups and Saucers..............

Unpacked new stock to find this gorgeous green 70's cup and saucer (set of 4)
Can't wait to unpack the rest!


Newies, just arrived, and a cupcake print as well!


May I introduce you to one of the family......Harry the Cat. He's 11 years old, he talks and he does tricks, but mostly he loves us, we love him too.

Remember those doors, bedspread and mirror?

....Well, Kate and Richard cut loose the night before we opened, and came up with this little rippa! EVERYTHING we used to build this changeroom was recycled, so it cost a big fat zero!
Just a couple of  hours of  precious time from my mates, including a free comedy act, and TA DAAAAA!

EERIE TICKET OUTLET.................

The good people from EERIE TOURS swung in today to confirm the go-ahead for ticket sales at DEAR PRUDENCE! yay!

We, who have been on the tours, are well and truly equipped to promote this brilliant attraction, its a great way to see the city by night. We attended a wintry June Ghost  tour, which added to the 'eeriness' and was thoroughly enjoyed by all 3 generations of our families who attended.
  On the night of the Old Cemetery Tour, we where treated to a full moon, lightning strikes (far, far away, but very impressive) and a balmy evening, soaking up some amazing history and atmosphere.

Tickets will be available for sale in a week or two.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Miss Seamstress is here!

Its time to think about what to wear to the chrissy party, end of year bash, big birthday, or just for the hell of it!
Steph is the new sewing goddess, she can repair, remove, lengthen, shorten, take in, take out, or completely re-style or create a brand new look for you.
Clients are already lined up waiting for fittings and re-fittings. Yesterday proved to be hugely successful, with quite a few fittings and design ideas.
Can't wait to see the end result for Tam's Bloomers, or the gorgeous pink ballerina tutu custom order! and Sofie has chosen a gorgeous 60's lace dress, to be redyed and restyled.

Steph is available for  consultations and fittings on Wednesdays from 10am-5.30  Other times can be arranged by phoning 04005 46522 or calling in at Dear Prudence, 434 Sturt Street, Ballarat

See you soon!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It All Started with a Jacket and a Watering-Can........

I finally began the shelf with of a selection of books for sale. From Winston Churchill, Enid Blyton and Chaucer, Robert L. Stevenson, Somerset Maughan, and a volume of Golden Hands for the crafty ones! Just to mention a few.

Last night I spent a lovely time mixing purple with orange and gold, and came up with a combination worthy of a mannequin (I have to be very choosy, as I only have the one, so far!)display.

I wonder if it will scare the customers? Maybe they'll like it as much as I do? I'll find out in half an hour when I get peddling on down to the shop......Steph will be in today Yay! Doily Girl has proven a blessed treasure, loved by everyone she meets, it does make for a fun day of "work"!!!!

Pop in if you can, we'd love to see you! call o4oo5 46522 for closing time today, its Cup Day in Ballarat, and I'm not sure what goes on in the retail business world here, but I'm opening anyway!

Monday, November 16, 2009


This morning I browsed through some old pics, and came across these. I was reminded of the phone call from the police in the middle of the night asking if  my silver shiny car was missing. "No? its parked out the front of the house! is'nt it???"

Well, no it was'nt. It had been stolen and set fire to. One of my first thoughts was, "whoever did this, had to drive it through town in the dark with the hi beam jammed on (as I'd observed the last couple of times I'd driven at night) then I was reminded of all the other oddities that was "The Silver Seca".  I had to stick my finger in the bit that once was the indicator switch if I wanted to show I was turning (it had snapped of a couple of years before) although, I'm sure whoever stole Silver obviously had no regard for law, therefore probable would'nt have used it! and the fuel opener thingy was also broken, luckily for the "robber" as the kids had described him/her, I'd filled the car with $50 of fuel that evening (and remember thinking, "I should have put $25 in, and spent $25 on bread milk and fruit for school lunches that week!")
As Brian drove me to Silvers last stand, I  recall thinking "At least its only the car, and no-one was hurt"(although in all honesty, at the time I would'nt have cared too much if the "robber" had fallen down a ditch and sprained his/her ankle quite badly, whilst making a hasty getaway, and I would'nt  be too bothered to learn that  said ankle still gives them jip every now and then, especially on really hot days, when I don't much feel like riding the bike!
"Should have, could have, would have" Baaaahhhhhh, and yes I know the insurance should have been updated, and could have been if I'd had the means to do it at the time, and I would have, (if I could have!)
...But I did'nt!
On the bright side, 2 years on,  I've become a happy cyclist, and I've since bought another car, which I lock.


The Doily label is as popular as I suspected! Felt hair accessories are being clipped and twisted into many a 'do, while the little softies are down to the last 3, thats after the last re-order!!!!!

...And don't get me started on the Foxy ones over at Foxs Lane, Steph's decorating skills where only to be admired for a couple of hours, then POOF!  Tees and skirts started movin on out.


The chosen one......I'm delighted with the vintage frame, and the great job done by the good people of Accent Frames, when it came to mounting and framing a couple of BLUEBELLS pieces.  Of course it all looks so fabulous as a result of BLUEBELLS sheer talent to capture a beautiful moment through her drawings, I  LOVE her stuff, and so do the customers, when I tell them she's a Ballarat lassy, they come over all proud!

The Teapot with cup and saucers was another we had mounted, shows off BLUEBELLS work perfectly!

Fondue & Flamingo

Fondue?Francene Flamingo is our loyal watcher of the shop, catching the eye of all who stroll by, enticing them to enter if they dare, and sending them on their contented way with a cheeky wink, which they don't see, as they stroll on out blissfully content in the knowledge that they know where they can call back, to find that special something to add to the home or to add to an outfit, or just to  call in and admire the 'things' or to chat to Steph, Suzie, Emma or Kelly, or to most likely bump into someone they know, increasingly more so.............

It's Whats Inside That Counts...............

Oh, the treasures you find when you least expect...........

pac man stickers complete with speech bubbles.....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leila's Chrissy Skirt!

Leila is the kind of 10 year old kid who you could easily describe as "Bohemian" she loves the Arts, Travelling the World, and appreciates great fashion - this christmas gift was easy!

*Foxs Lane Skirt covered in handbags, for the girl who likes those fine things! (Wait til you see what I've got for the other dozen or so neices and nephews-OOOOOHHHH MUMMA!!!!)

Here's to a Great Week..........!

Standing proud on top of the cash register, one finding humour in the simplest of things, the other staring in awe at the delightful customers he gets to see, they are fast becoming good friends!

As is Dear Prudence,who is providing a handy point of call for those who have just dropped the car off around the corner  to have the  new tyres fitted (a timely reminder at this crazy, mad time of year-be safe!)
or those who are picking up/dropping off film at the camera shops, meeting friends for coffee or lunch, passing by on their way to/from work,

Or as the case has been this past week/end, making the drive from the Big City to call in for a browse, and some hints for "things to do in Ballarat in a day trip" (any ideas would be happily passed on to these people!, flyers and business cards welcome)

Here's to a great week for you all, see you soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cinderella, where art thou?

Every day so far, an admirer has gazed longingly at these little beauties, but alas, so far, they just have'nt fitted anyone! its not that they are'nt comfy, and they certainly are a fine vintage, the heel is much admired (not too hi) the colour is the kind of red you  imagine when longing for a crunchy, juicy shiny red apple, but Cinderella has'nt appeared yet..........maybe it's Dorothy I should be looking out for?!!

Vintage Kookaburra keeps watchful eye in window at Dear Prudence....

So far, this is my favourite cushion by LOUNGE LINEN, I especially love the vintage buttons used to add the small, but important detail.

"BEST ART PIECE" Ballarat High School Award 2009

I have an original work by an extremely talented young artist called Donna.  This particular one was done while waiting for an exam to begin!  Good luck with your VCE Donna. 
Donna's works will be on exhibition at Dear Prudence soon!
Other artists interested in exhibiting, please drop by, and we can chat!

The Order of The Day!!!

I'm absolutely thrilled to bits to have in the shop, a great new range from FOXS LANE. The best thing of all, is because I am sourcing my stock from Ballarat and surrounds, I have the pleasure of meeting the makers of these great products! Their blogs tell me so much about them and the love they have for their talents and skills, but actually meeting with these guys makes me appreciate them so much more.....
THANKS KATE, I HAVE 4 CHRISTMAS GIFTS SORTED!! (The grown-ups are crying because there are'nt any to fit them)

Hairdo Day.......

A funny old man popped in yesterday to have a hairdo.

In popped Lily.......

In popped Lily to have a look at her friend Ziggys mums new shop.......
"I simply don't believe there could be such a cool little shop!!!" said Lily
"Oh, but of course, you ARE Ziggys mum, and she is very cool!"
"and, so yes, I do declare, this shop to be quite a cool little place-especially with the air conditioner on,  for an all-round enjoyable shopping experience"
...So Lily went skipping off, to tell the others all about her lovely day!