Monday, November 2, 2009

Dolly Peg Designs by Ziggy

Miss Ziggy has been creating some interesting characters in preparation for the Daylesford Makers Market. She will unveil her pegs on the day.

I decided to have a fiddle, and as I'm fond of Frida, came up with this version, smudged lippy running mascara and all! It's been fun spending an hour or so, just the two of us, chatting and comparing and creating "things"

And a little girl called Lucy


chloeisabear said...

Cute Pegs!
How has your first week or so been at the shop?

dear prudence said...

Hey Chloe!, the week has been brilliant, I have some very talented people that have put their works in the shop, come on in and have a look.
There is also a bear I would like you to meet.....Teehehe!

chloeisabear said...

A Bear! We might be related! :D Hahaha Awesome, i will definitely come in soon when I'm not so busy.