Thursday, June 10, 2010

Red for Heart Health Awareness

We've gone all out red for this weekend,  in support of Women's Health and Heart health in particular.

The shop is back on track after a week of unavoidable delays, and we're even more determined to keep it happening in Ballarat.

We now have Donna working a couple of days a week while I concentrate on collecting more great bits for the shop, plus  work at the Ballarat Mill Markets.

Opening times for WINTER are Tuesday to Saturday 10-5
The Mill Markets are open everyday 10-6

Exhibitions will now also be featured at the Mill Markets, as well as at Dear Prudence, and we're very excited to be included in the TRIIIKE TRAIL which will offer art for sale around town!

Dates for the next exhibitions will be finalized soon, and we'll be sending out invites, and a BIG  WINTER SALE is under way for selected stock - well worth coming in to see what sort of stuff is on offer at the moment!
 (if you mention the blog, you'll receive a small gift in return for your support)

Hope to see you soon!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Evie's show moved forward.....!!!!

Last nights exhibition was unfortunately not possible, and has been moved forward  to this Friday 28th May.
The pictures are hung, the prices and titles have been sorted  and Evie is counting down to the new Opening!!

The overall display is amazing, with a stream of admirers having an early viewing today, and some really positive and encouraging feedback.
The following is a blurb supplied for the show.............

So, Evie Cahir is completing her final year at Ballarat Grammar, where she juggles literature and various folios (painting and drawing, visial communication and design technology)
Since she was physically capable, she has drawn things that inspire her-such as headdresses, crooked teeth, lopsided haircuts, lemon meringue and Alice Munro.
Watercolours, inks, pencil, pastel and acrylic paint is used to create simple, eclectic and 'scrappy' artwork.  The works of artists such as Mel Stringer, Alex Watson, Matisse, Kat Macleod, Cibella Court and Sarah Mcneil are the usual sources of inspiration...................

Those who have helped, tutored and taught are also influential, for example - Maggi Dannet (age 9-11)
Steve Morvell (11-13) Diane Jacono (13-14) pottery classes with Dawn Whitehand and Helen Lewis and workshops with Ann James.

Awards received in the past include 'Best Junior Art Award' at Trentham art show, 'Best Young Artist' at Steve Morvell's studio...........
Evie is also currently the recipient of an Art Scholarship at Ballarat Grammar.....
Evie looks forward to illustrating, designing and scribbling for a living.....

All are most welcome to call in to see this exhibition, hope to see you there! xx

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Evie Cahir is Here.................

Tomorrow night is the Opening of an Exhibition by Evie Cahir, and I can't wait  to finish hanging this cool collection of watercolours and illustrations which uses a twist of unusual materials including brown paper bags and old handwritten recipe pages, with an ecclectic mix of framing techniques.

Its a big deal to have your work on show to the public, and it shows a maturity and a willingness to share a part of the artist's self, which is why we're so glad to be a part of  it.

We hope Evie continues with her amazing artistic ability.

...........In breaking news....  Our very first exhibition was Donna E Elmore's watercolour series back in December and now for sale at  Arthur Gallery in Mair Street.  We discovered that Donna's art is selling really well with the help of the very capable and cool Emma Barrance and her super cool assistants - Maria and Katie.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Prudence...the mailing list

Things like this happen all the time, I meet the coolest, nicest, loveliest, most appreciative people every day.

Today Emily and Shaun came to the shop to visit with their lovely mum, Steph, and to show me their passport photos, in preparation for their trip to London and Ireland to meet their GREAT-grandparents (Steph and the kids are also my neighbours), but neither of us knew we where reading each others blog until Steph popped into the shop recently and the penny dropped!!!!!!

Another sweety I met recently, called in to take a look at the current exhibiition by Kirrilee Bailey, mates  through LOMO.  Andrew is an award winning photographer, working in our lucky City and when he discovered I was a little behind with the program, and did'nt have a  proper mailing list, he set off to print out some pages for me,  and got the ball rolling. Check out his website to see his amazing images.

By adding your details to our mailing list, you will be kept up to date with latest exhibitions, happenings, and sales (we currently have 100's of outfits at $10 each!!!!) and giveaway notifications.
If you'd like to be added you can also email us at:

Hope to meet you soon!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evie's Exhibition

This Friday sees a new exhibition by a very talented and very young artist.
Evie will be kicking off her art show from 6-8pm Pieces will be on display and for sale for the next 4 weeks.....more about Evie very soon!

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Tinderbox Team is here!

If you have'nt heard, Thursday night radio is the place to delighted by the timely tunes and themed extravaganzas coming our way each week and presented to you by the fabulousness that is Lauren and Amy

Together with a groovy new blog, the girls are sure to rock your socks off with funk, soul, folk,jazz and other such stuff, with promises of good old-fashioned banter.  Yay

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The weekend kicked off with a big night on Friday, celebrating Kirrilee Baileys Art Photography Exhibition, supported by a crowd of around 50!   The postcard series of 3, a limited edition set,  is a brilliant and affordable idea and a great way of promoting Kirri's art.  Original framed prints, wearable decorated undies and postcards are all available for sale now (postcards are selling fast!)

Saturday saw us working on a huge project after we closed the shop, which has included renovating and re-designing the interior of a 1960's house.  We refer to it as 'The Howard Arkley Project' as its nestled amongst white chain fences, garden swans, tidy edged lawns, and directly opposite is an all-white house with a concrete front yard, white concrete lions and dozens of garden gnomes, all smiling back at us.

The biggest job so far has been preping the hardwood floors for painting, and we're very happy with the outcome.  We used a heavy duty paving paint in 'Steel Charcoal', which has a hi gloss.

Anzac Day Sunday was party day for the family, but firstly the morning included a second coat of floor paint, then racing to the birthday lunch for Bridget, David, Toi, George, Cindy, Brian and Ziggy.

bbq'd fish with chili dipping sauce, lamb, thai salads, roast vegies and for sweets-quince tart, berry flombe, chocolate mousse, meringues, and other delicious assortments-all made by Jan, George and Cindy, where gratefully gobbled up, which then called for a walk to the Lake, all I could manage was a lie down!

Back to  the reno project on Monday-almost completed,  then on to the next one!

I noticed a blue-grey theme running through the latest pics- grandma's tablecloth and coffee mugs, Kevin standing on the rug, blue sky,  my cardi,  Toi's blue-grey top, Davids blue eyes, Saabarella, Sofa, steel blue/charcoal colour of painted floor, hope you like them! x

.....and the chocolate coated pretzels  where a fantastic birthday gift-nom, nom, nom

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


WOWEEE!  thanks Kirri and Chloe for being PERFECT for these outfits.  I just sold the 'BLACK with RED FLOWERS dress' worn by Chloe, its off to Malaysia with the delightful Frida then a cruise around Samoa! what a lucky dress.

All dresses available now at Dear Prudence.

.....and little green Bunny made by the lovely Beck of 'Dandelion' has hopped off to a new home to live happily ever after with a lucky little someone!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

modelling heartyness

The gorgeous Maddie has featured in recent photos and we're on the look-out for some more  people to do a spot of modelling.  Both catwalk and photographic
is called for, its an upcoming vintage & retro extravaganza, photographers are also welcome to inquire, more specific details will be available soon, but in the meantime, feel free to contact me, I'd love to see you xx

Sunday, March 21, 2010


you may have heard about  the new Mill Market in Ballarat, which recently had its official opening.

It now has its own blog and features  profiles on stallholders and their wares, plus latest news and events happening within the Mill Market community. It will also include information and events relating to all things Vintage, Retro and Antique in and around our town,  pop over to have a look

There is some tweeking to be done, and a presentation of the 'benefits of blogging in business' at the next meeting (yoinks)
- a work in progress......

Friday, March 19, 2010


Doolittle, but  do get down to have a peek at the latest exhibition by Chloe Flemming at Dear Prudence

2 little darlings who won't be attending the opening tomorrow night

                                                                          One of the pieces which is part of Chloe's exhibition starting from tomorrow and showing for 4 weeks. We have a dirty great bunch of people coming along, and look forward to a great night!

                   Toadstool by David Firth


My Grandma's kitchen dresser, Grandma Hazel's cannisters on top, Grandma Hilda's spotted jugs.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Celebrity Snaps for Kate and Nathan

Ok first things first,
Happy Birthday to Dear Pepper, Happy Birthday to you, little cute baby, you are........still smiling at me! even with big monsters growing in her mouth.

Then I discovered THE pictures!  Jamie Oliver! well done you guys! I found it on Kate and Nathans blog
How lucky we are to have such a talented family in town, and I love having Kate and Pepper, and occasionally Maya (when she's not busy being a big girl at school) come to visit, they are an awesome family!

Kate is soon launching 'MAEVE MAGAZINE' latest news is, it will be sometime in MAY!   yay Kate

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Although I've grown quite attached to Talloulah's drawings, sadly, her exhibition is about to end. 
Time for those lucky buyers to collect their artworks.

Time to dust and polish up the space for Chloe's opening night on Saturday, we're expecting a great bunch of friendly folk, plus Chloe's family will be travelling to Ballarat  for the opening.

Friday, March 12, 2010

more susieness

Susie has used flocked wallpaper and textured fabrics blended with oils and pastels to produce this tactile piece of artwork, just love the overall effect.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chloe Bear in there

Chloe Flemming is on her way to show some very groovy art from the 20th March for 4 weeks!


Currently for sale at Dear Prudence are a selection of Oil and pastel paintings by Susie Sabien, who is undertaking her Masters in Visual Arts at the University of Ballarat this year.

This retro themed assortment of cool and kitschy art is making itself right at home in the shop, and would look great amoungst  mid-century through to  contemporary  settings.

Susie has been a regular at Dear Prudence since we opened, and we are very proud to have her work  available for purchase.

One of my favourite paintings by Susie, is the kitschy retro orange salt and pepper shakers, a la still life.

A TIMELY REMINDER THAT TALLOULAH BYRNE'S ART IS HERE FOR A COUPLE MORE   WEEKS and sales have gone amazingly well!  Be sure to call in for a look!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

handmadelove has inspired me to brighten up my day! I only have one colour of nailpolish, lucky for me its my favourite. It should last til tonights dishes!