Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The weekend kicked off with a big night on Friday, celebrating Kirrilee Baileys Art Photography Exhibition, supported by a crowd of around 50!   The postcard series of 3, a limited edition set,  is a brilliant and affordable idea and a great way of promoting Kirri's art.  Original framed prints, wearable decorated undies and postcards are all available for sale now (postcards are selling fast!)

Saturday saw us working on a huge project after we closed the shop, which has included renovating and re-designing the interior of a 1960's house.  We refer to it as 'The Howard Arkley Project' as its nestled amongst white chain fences, garden swans, tidy edged lawns, and directly opposite is an all-white house with a concrete front yard, white concrete lions and dozens of garden gnomes, all smiling back at us.

The biggest job so far has been preping the hardwood floors for painting, and we're very happy with the outcome.  We used a heavy duty paving paint in 'Steel Charcoal', which has a hi gloss.

Anzac Day Sunday was party day for the family, but firstly the morning included a second coat of floor paint, then racing to the birthday lunch for Bridget, David, Toi, George, Cindy, Brian and Ziggy.

bbq'd fish with chili dipping sauce, lamb, thai salads, roast vegies and for sweets-quince tart, berry flombe, chocolate mousse, meringues, and other delicious assortments-all made by Jan, George and Cindy, where gratefully gobbled up, which then called for a walk to the Lake, all I could manage was a lie down!

Back to  the reno project on Monday-almost completed,  then on to the next one!

I noticed a blue-grey theme running through the latest pics- grandma's tablecloth and coffee mugs, Kevin standing on the rug, blue sky,  my cardi,  Toi's blue-grey top, Davids blue eyes, Saabarella, Sofa, steel blue/charcoal colour of painted floor, hope you like them! x

.....and the chocolate coated pretzels  where a fantastic birthday gift-nom, nom, nom


Susan L (lily40au) said...

It sounds as though you had a great weekend. I'm visiting again this weekend so I'll try to drop in and say hi ... and to take a look see at your vintage clocks. You always have a few cute ones.

Chook said...

Who's house? Cam's?

That'd look bril in the back room.

I'm still laying low...but will come for a visit soon.

tex takes photos said...

i love the mugs!
sounds like the perfect weekend!

Circa62 said...

Enjoyed Kirri's exhibition opening, its great that you're giving exhibition space to young local artists in your shop.