Tuesday, March 30, 2010


WOWEEE!  thanks Kirri and Chloe for being PERFECT for these outfits.  I just sold the 'BLACK with RED FLOWERS dress' worn by Chloe, its off to Malaysia with the delightful Frida then a cruise around Samoa! what a lucky dress.

All dresses available now at Dear Prudence.

.....and little green Bunny made by the lovely Beck of 'Dandelion' has hopped off to a new home to live happily ever after with a lucky little someone!


Mystery Flight Vintage said...

i love that green dress! i must pop in soon, but i know i will get tempted by all the pretty things that i can't afford.

dear prudence said...

Hi, you'd be surprised, I have a selection of 2 for $5! I don't think I sell anything over $200
Had a look at the salvos today-omg, my prices are almost the same!
Love to meet one day, the girl in the green dress is having her exhibition opening this fri 6.30-9pm you are most welcome to join the fun xx