Thursday, November 19, 2009

EERIE TICKET OUTLET.................

The good people from EERIE TOURS swung in today to confirm the go-ahead for ticket sales at DEAR PRUDENCE! yay!

We, who have been on the tours, are well and truly equipped to promote this brilliant attraction, its a great way to see the city by night. We attended a wintry June Ghost  tour, which added to the 'eeriness' and was thoroughly enjoyed by all 3 generations of our families who attended.
  On the night of the Old Cemetery Tour, we where treated to a full moon, lightning strikes (far, far away, but very impressive) and a balmy evening, soaking up some amazing history and atmosphere.

Tickets will be available for sale in a week or two.

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lily40au said...

What a fantastic idea ... I've been through the old Melbourne cemetery and my general walks through Ballarat have always been interesting. But seeing it with lightning etc. That would be atmosphere.