Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here's to a Great Week..........!

Standing proud on top of the cash register, one finding humour in the simplest of things, the other staring in awe at the delightful customers he gets to see, they are fast becoming good friends!

As is Dear Prudence,who is providing a handy point of call for those who have just dropped the car off around the corner  to have the  new tyres fitted (a timely reminder at this crazy, mad time of year-be safe!)
or those who are picking up/dropping off film at the camera shops, meeting friends for coffee or lunch, passing by on their way to/from work,

Or as the case has been this past week/end, making the drive from the Big City to call in for a browse, and some hints for "things to do in Ballarat in a day trip" (any ideas would be happily passed on to these people!, flyers and business cards welcome)

Here's to a great week for you all, see you soon.

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