Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Mondays.................

'Lounge Linen' label arrived today! Great way of  retro-ing up the house using vintage soft furnishings. Ideal for bedroom, livingroom, any room!

 Cool cotton vintage style smock frock

Asylum 7 has arrived with a beautiful range of corsetry,
Original 60's vintage painting!

the shelves are chokkers full of fabulous finds, guaranteed to jog the memory or maybe even create one!

'stacks' of tins and suitcases, piling up all over the shop!

Vibrant red velvet bodice little girls dress, for that very special occasion.....

Sooooo  much more  to overload your eyes with, so I will feature more pics soon, including the Bluebell range of cards and prints (2 have been whisked off to Accent Framing across the road, to be mounted and framed. Magnets and badges by Bluebell are also on their way. Yippee

Doily has graced us with a new special delivery of cute softies, selling like the proverbial hotcake (popular for children and baby Christmas gifts, birthday pressies, baby showers, newborns, and just 'cos you can! Go Skater Girl!

Foxs Lane is screenprinting her little heart out, to make available the most coolest t-shirts this side of the universe (and the other side too)

BIG THANKS to all who have been in to browse, purchase, call, email, take photos,text, wave, honk their horn, refer me to friends and family and neighbours, and people they know who 'like this kind of stuff' and  to the appreciation shown to me, the hard slog suddenly does'nt seem so hard afterall!
Kate and her brother Richard (Trick) Maria and Peter for their support and friendship, have especially helped me, with carpentry, cakes and champers and cuddles.
My great big family have been extra supportive and helpful, especially Miss Emma, Miss Ziggy, Oscar T, Gumbootman, Barny Banjo, Bettys friend and the Whirling Firthys

Come on in and say 'hi', the aircon is heavenly...............aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Oh, and did I mention I met Lola's Grandma and Great-Aunt! Hello Holly!


Kate said...

Everything looks lovely! I'm desperate to come for a visit and join my wares to your collections. Hopefully tomorrow if the littlest one cooperates.

dear prudence said...

I'm looking forward to that!

RoLuc said...

Love the shop! It's so good to have you back in town again!! And blogging mind you!

Although your choice of staff is pretty questionable! ;-)