Thursday, May 20, 2010

Evie Cahir is Here.................

Tomorrow night is the Opening of an Exhibition by Evie Cahir, and I can't wait  to finish hanging this cool collection of watercolours and illustrations which uses a twist of unusual materials including brown paper bags and old handwritten recipe pages, with an ecclectic mix of framing techniques.

Its a big deal to have your work on show to the public, and it shows a maturity and a willingness to share a part of the artist's self, which is why we're so glad to be a part of  it.

We hope Evie continues with her amazing artistic ability.

...........In breaking news....  Our very first exhibition was Donna E Elmore's watercolour series back in December and now for sale at  Arthur Gallery in Mair Street.  We discovered that Donna's art is selling really well with the help of the very capable and cool Emma Barrance and her super cool assistants - Maria and Katie.

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Susan L (lily40au) said...

have a great night. I'm sure it'll be fun.