Friday, April 30, 2010

The Tinderbox Team is here!

If you have'nt heard, Thursday night radio is the place to delighted by the timely tunes and themed extravaganzas coming our way each week and presented to you by the fabulousness that is Lauren and Amy

Together with a groovy new blog, the girls are sure to rock your socks off with funk, soul, folk,jazz and other such stuff, with promises of good old-fashioned banter.  Yay


Tinderbox Radio said...

Hello! Thanks so much for the plug. And hope you got to hear your song dedication of Bowie's 'Fashion' last show! Hey, I'm so excited about your house project- let me know if you need any help scrubbing, painting or the like... Cheers, Amy

Love_Again said...

fabulous. how do i tune in?