Wednesday, October 7, 2009

country mouse memorabilia

was lucky enough to pick up some fine items from the amazing Marion, seeing as how I love red, and purple, and vintage, and flowers, and lampshades, and wallpaper, and fabrics, oh yes, I drooled in there for ages, even went back for seconds....hope to deck the shop out with some of this finery

my good friends, Kate and Maria, gave me these gorgeous pressies, the soap smells like fresh citrusy fruit salad and I just love the card, reminds me of books I read as a child.

a bright bunch of flowers from the family topped off a great birthday weekend!


Anonymous said...

I bought some amazing things from Marion too, which I am yet to reveal on my blog. Doesn't she have the most amazing eye for all things pretty?

dear prudence said...

indeed! such an inspiration

Chook said...

I have a wool scarf from Russia that look almost identical to the floral picture...i'll dig it out for you :)