Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet at the Cemetery Gates........

for a great nights entertainment,  EERIE TOURS delivers an evening filled with stories of Ballarat's dark past, graves to die for (omg thats a bit morbid!) so many ornately decorated, fenced and etched with such detail, Chinese graves and the little temple.

Such history, researched and retold by the master himself - Nathaniel Buchanan  of and assisted by the gorgeous Ms Suzie McRae, resplendent in their Gothic Victorian refinery, these guys really know how to set the scene, and build up an atmosphere to match the tales of this most haunted city!

Tickets for the Cemetery Tour and the City Ghost Tour can be booked by ringing 1300 856 668 for credit card holders, or to buy tickets in town, just call in to Dear Prudence Vintage, 434 Sturt St Ballarat, next door to Haydens Real Estate, opposite le'espresso and Europa. We are open Tuesday to Saturday. 

We'll direct you to where you'll  need to be to kick off the tour, you can collect  flyers with detailed maps, and we can recommend great places to visit, for food, coffee, or other specialty stores.

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