Saturday, February 20, 2010


April has written a piece in the form of a blurb, to best describe what motivates this artist to create.  If I where April's creative writing teacher, I would  give her an A+ for her brilliant writing skills. This blurb can be found at the exhibition space in the shop for your reading pleasure

Some insights into thoughts and personal  experiences have made up this "Notebook Series" exhibition now showing by Tallulah Byrne. 

Anne and Terry spoke with obvious fondness of their daughter, and anicdotal evidence suggests Tallulah has enjoyed art from an early age

 Its always a good feeling to see red dots on new art.  Tallulah had a big turnout at her Opening Night, Her family and friends, along with some new faces made up some 40 odd guests.  I've enjoyed every opening night so much, and met so many new people, who come out to support the artists  and are finding their way back to Dear Prudence,  and are becoming familiar faces.  I'm glad to see them coming back! 

Check out the photographic brilliance that won Tallulah the Ballarat High School Art Award for Photography 2009.

It features some stunning Ballarat landmarks, with Audrey and Galen portraying a story of  lost love, captured beautifully and hauntingly by Tallulah's photography

The exhibition continues for 4 weeks, with artworks for sale,  all proceeds going back to the artist.

Congratulations on a great, fun night, Tallulah Belle!


RoLuc said...

Gee you seem to be having a heap of exhibitions! Well done.

dear prudence said...

thanks! I love it