Tuesday, February 23, 2010

records and guitars.........and 4 months old on Sunday

I'm taking them out of the freezer, and soon we'll have guitars, records, piano accordians, harmonicas, tambourines, marrakkas, a sitar, bongoes, old sheet music and other such stuff.

Time has flown by at such an alarming rate, I've just realised that Dear Prudence is almost 4 months old!
Still very much in its early stages, but still going!

It would'nt have been possible without the overwhelming support I've had, the best customers, of all ages shapes and sizes.

I have an 80 something year old regular darling customer, who only buys 'red' and I can see myself in another 40 years, chasing that elusive red thing that I have'nt yet collected

I've had a very gentlemanly chap in his 90's, buying a set of cocktail glasses  and a cravat to add to the collection

I've had a 12 day old bubba, who I first met just before she was born!

Miss Pepper ALWAYS has a smile for me, and her gorgeous sister Maya has already started preps!

Last week a young lady came in and bought THE RED SHOES that just did'nt fit anyone.
As she was leaving, she told me her dad had died that morning, and the shoes made her feel happy.....

and the best thing for me is the people who are'nt afraid to tell me how much they love the shop-warts and all!

Oh yeah, and the exhibition openings are becoming something I look forward to more and more, Chloe-bear is up next-look out!

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