Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whats Going On.....

Stencil Art in the back streets
mini kewpies

vintage tin toy

vintage wind-up chicken


Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Haha, where did you find that stencil art? I love it!

How cute are those tin toys! You need to go to Taiwan where you can buy them by the armful.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

I love your tags so much. Those stockinged legs are the bomb ... I think I'm going to start a collection of your tags! LOL

dear prudence said...

Hey Julie! the artwork has been in our laneway for a while, I walk past nearly every day, and it makes me smile! Wish there where more..........Taiwan you say, mmm sounds like a plan ...haha

Hi Susan, glad you like the tags, there are 4 of us now that do the tags, we love coming up with different things, but the legs are very cool! by Miss Kate Crawford, who is endlessly talented.
Maybe we can start a swapcard set!!!???
send me a postal address if you'd like some, I'd be glad to do it!

Chook said...