Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toms and Oscar Toms

I was standing beside myself with excitement yesterday when I came home and found the first BIG TOMATO from our harvest, sitting on top of my NEW old rocker picked up from a garage sale.  Now I have somewhere comfy to sit, besides on my bed, and Oscar has a nice tomato sandwich for school  oops I mean UNI lunch!
I'm so proud of you Oscar Tom, and now I look forward to our daily chats about your days and the highlights at uni, and the new friends you're making, and all the computer/IT jargon that I try really hard to understand, but best of all my boy is happy and so are we! 


Kate said...

Congratulations on your red tommy and your uni student. All very exciting at yours.
I haven't forgotten you Miss Kelly, I just haven't been able to get over to Ballarat for months. Hopefully now we're settling into a bit of a routine I'll be able to pop in. XX

dear prudence said...

I know exactly what you're saying!
See you soon Foxy Ladyx